Hosting or organizing events is an exciting and rewarding experience when attendance is high, participants are happy, and everything goes according to plan. The key to successful event planning is driving traffic to your events.EventsNavi works to help you achieve exactly that. Post your events and make sure they reach the right audience.

Our services include:

  • Event creation and planning
  • Event ticketing
  • e-mail promotions
  • Attendee management
  • Event management mobile application

Publish events

A grand platform to publish your events.EventsNavi lets you create events instantly and go live for selling tickets.

Sell tickets

A quick and smart tool that enables to sell your tickets in a jiffy. Just enter the details, setup ticketing slabs and your tickets are live for sale.

Promote events

Expand the reach of your events round the globe. Social media, local networks, mobile reach and much more. EventsNavi helps you promote your events through every possible channel.

Advanced technology

EventsNavi uses highly advanced and upgraded technology for booking and event analytics. We use advanced analytic tools for market analysis. EventsNavi’s algorithms ensure that your events never miss to reach your targeted audience.

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